How can I sign up for Crave Broadband?



$50 /mo

  • ≅20mbps down
  • ≅10mbps up
  • No data caps

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$65 /mo

  • ≅35mbps down
  • ≅15mbps up
  • No data caps

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$80 /mo

  • ≅50mbps down
  • ≅25mbps up
  • No data caps

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$95 /mo

  • ≅75mbps down
  • ≅35mbps up
  • No data caps

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$110 /mo

  • ≅100mbps down
  • ≅50mbps up
  • No data caps

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Plan availability varies by location, and faster plans may require additional hardware. Installation costs are typically $200, but vary depending on location, plan requirements, and custom requests.

What does Crave Broadband provide?

We provide the Internet connection and the equipment to deliver it to your location. You provide the router/wireless access point, and whatever other equipment you need inside your how. We’ll also need one grounded 15-amp 120-volt power outlet nearby.

What additional hardware, software, & services does Crave Broadband recommend (but not provide)?

  • A robust router: an old router will make your new, fast Internet feel slow and laggy. Grab a new one with a fast processor, decent RAM, and 5GHz Wifi. (WiFi 6 is a thing now, but it’s more for really dense places like offices and stadiums with hundreds of connected devices.)
  • A battery backup: A UPS will keep your internet running when the power is out (as long as we still have power at the tower) and will protect your expesive equipment from spikes and sags in the power. A “surge protector” is not the same and won’t help protect you against browns and sags.
  • A VoIP telephone adapter & VoIP service: If you’re still paying for plain old telephone service (POTS), or if you don’t have a phone hanging on the kitchen wall, a VoIP line is a great option!