Welcome to Crave Broadband!

Just because we live in the country doesn’t mean we have to put up with slow or overloaded Internet service!

Crave Broadband is dedicated to bringing solid, fast Internet to the homes and businesses of North Cache County, Utah.

Our packages provide enough bandwidth to Work-From-Home, Home-School, Remote Learning, HD Video Streaming, and more!

What can I do with Crave Broadband?

Here are just a few things you can do with service from Crave Broadband:

  • Stream your favorite videos in 4K UHD
  • Ditch your old landline phone (and its ridiculous price) by switching to VoIP
  • Video Call with friends and relatives to stay in touch
  • Work from home & telecommuting
  • Remote Learning for all-ages (K-12, College, University, Trade School)
  • Low-Latency Computer and Console Gaming
  • Enough data and reliability to monitor video cameras remotely
  • And so much more!

Where can I get Crave Broadband?

During our initial roll-out, Crave Broadband services will be offered in and around Newton & Cache Junction, Utah.

What Service Plans does Crave Broadband offer?



$50 /mo

  • ≅20mbps down
  • ≅10mbps up
  • No data caps

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$65 /mo

  • ≅35mbps down
  • ≅15mbps up
  • No data caps

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$80 /mo

  • ≅50mbps down
  • ≅25mbps up
  • No data caps

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$95 /mo

  • ≅75mbps down
  • ≅35mbps up
  • No data caps

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$110 /mo

  • ≅100mbps down
  • ≅50mbps up
  • No data caps

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Plan availability varies by location, and faster plans may require additional hardware. Installation costs are typically $200, but vary depending on location, plan requirements, and custom requests.