Voice Over IP Telephone Service

The days of a copper, Plain Old Telephone System are numbered.

If you still have a “landline” phone, you’re probably over-paying for it – by a lot! These days you can swap our your old-fashioned “POTS” phone service with an all-new VoIP plan for a fraction of the cost – and it’s not as difficult as you might think!

While Crave Broadband doesn’t resell VoIP service or equipment, our internet plans are capable of letting you “cut the cord” and upgrade your home phone service to VoIP.

In the early days of VoIP, you’d get rid of all your old phones, pull new ethernet lines to replace your old phone lines, special VoIP phones, a connection to a VoIP server, and then you’d have to configure that phone to work with the VoIP server. Whew! All that meant that VoIP was typically reserved to companies who had an tech staff to do all that geeky stuff.

Today, you simply unplug your old phone line from the box on the outside of your house, plug in a new box inside your house, set up an account on with your VoIP provider, and that’s it! All the phones in your house still work they same way they used to, but instead of POTS, your on VoIP.

To that end, we recommend VoIP hardware and services by Ooma.